Make Your Own Perfect Jerky at Home

One of life’s biggest injustices is the ridiculous price of store-bought jerky. Nobody should have to pay through the nose for a salty, meaty treat, and with a little know-how it’s easy to make your own. Impress your mates and save yourself some cash with these jerky making tips & videos.

Essential Tips:

  • Use the leanest meat you can find and trim off as much fat as possible before slicing – fat will go rancid even after drying.
  • Cheaper cuts of meat work just as well (as long as they’re lean).
  • For easy slicing, freeze your trimmed meat for 1-2 hours prior. Meat should be firm to touch but not frozen solid.
  • For chewier jerky, slice along the grain of the meat and for a softer chew, slice against the grain.
  • For best results use a food dehydrator to dry your jerky, leaving plenty of space around each slice to allow adequate airflow.
  • Be careful not to over-dry your meat, jerky is ready when it bends and cracks. If it snaps in half it’s been dried for too long.
  • Package your finished jerky using a vacuum sealer to keep it fresher for longer.

How-to Videos:

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